Tips for Entering a Photography Contest

Photography, as a hobby or as a business is gaining momentum these days. Seeing the opportunities that this business provides, an increasing number of people are adopting photography as their full-fledged business. In order to become a good photographer, you have to learn a few skills and you must participate in photography contests to have exposure. Here are some guidelines that have proved successful in the initial days of those who are already in this business for a long time and are successful as well. For participating in a photography contest, you must consider the following tips:

  • Select only those pictures that you feel come in the category of your best work. Showing each and every picture will lose the interest of the viewer. So, select only those that can make an interesting display. Every picture is good for an artist but still, you have to take out only the best.
  • Do not let millions of pixels go waste by taking the pictures by holding your camera in an upright rectangle shape. While taking photographs of buildings, a person, or any such subject, don’t keep your camera in a landscape position.
  • Framing is the other feature of photography that should be done with extra care. Take care to see how much background is needed or how much closer should you go to the subject.
  • Proper light is the main feature of photography. It plays an important part in making the pictures bright or dull. Considering how much light you want to put on your subject is very important. Take care of the shadows because it depends on the subject whether it should look dull or bright.
  • Always try to take photos in the morning or late afternoon. Avoid taking pictures when the sun is high in the afternoon because that way your subject’s eyes will be under the shadow or squinting will spoil the photographs. Taking pictures in the morning or late in the afternoon gives the photos an effect that is pleasing to the eyes. If the sunlight is the demand of the situation then try to take photographs from the sides.
  • Avoid light-colored walls when using in-camera-flash. Photos against light-colored walls with the camera flash gives a black shadow to the photos that give the feeling of an outline. Professional photographers always use a dark background in this situation.
  • When you are shooting moving objects, use Shutter-Speed-Priority mode inbuilt in the camera. In order to read the appropriate light, the camera itself will select a suitable aperture.
  • A feature known as Aperture-Priority mode is inbuilt in every camera. This feature is used to put unwanted things out of focus so that only the important part of the subject is covered. If you want to use this mode, you have to select the Aperture Priority mode, and the camera itself will select the shutter bag according to the existing light.

If a person, who is seriously planning to take photography as a career, must participate in the competitions. It not will give exposure but also recognition, which is important for any person who is new in the business.

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