MOTA GIGA-6000 Commercial-Grade Drone with FPV Dual GPS FMS


Introducing a high end UAV from our commercial series drones: the GIGA 6000! Commercial features include follow me, return home, FMS and Dual GPS Stability. Powerful quadcopter has many applications
Follow me – let your drone follow autonomously and return home keeps your drone within range, “returning home” when it flies too far. FMS Performance mapping lets you maneuver around obstacles easily
A Bird’s Eye View – GIGA series comes equipped with new Dual GPS tech, allowing for high stability flight. Dedicated controller comes with high resolution monitor to let you fly your drone in FPV
Drone AND Camera – GIGA-6000 can provide extreme aerial photography or agile remote inspection. Attach rotational gimbals to the 1080p camera for high definition drone footage
Accessories: Optional DRONES HANDS Flight Management System enables programmable remote robotic features for unique missions (Expected 2016)

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