Udi U842WIFI Glede Drone Electric 6-Axis Quadcopter with FPV HD Camera


UDI’s U31W Navigator drone offers some impressive specifications in a practical package that’s big enough to fly outdoors whilst still compact enough to fly in confined spaces. The 720P HD camera has a wide 120° capture angle allowing you to record either stills or video at the press of a button, making it easy to capture selfies or record the beautiful scenery at places you visit. The Navigator can help you capture any moment without the hassle carrying around a large machine. The Navigator comes fitted with large protective guards to help increase safety and reduce damage during the learning stage but they are easily removed for increased agility when you’ve built your skills up. Control comes from either the stylish controller or your mobile using the built-in WiFi system. The built-in WiFi can send back video directly to your mobile device (not included) in real time. This handy feature means you do not have to carry around a controller fly your drone but you have the option if you want more precise control or an unobstructed camera view in the app. The UDI Navigator is small, stylish, practical and easy to use allowing you to take it with you wherever you go! FlyingSee Phone App UDI have developed an advanced mobile APP to work with the latest generation of UDI drones. It not only allows you to see the camera footage in real time and use that in FPV it also can control the drone in flight removing the need for a transmitter. Radio Controller The stylish controller allows for far more control range than the WiFi connection and the control sticks give more intuitive and precise control for pilots wanting to get the most from the Navigator’s flying capabilities.

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