Thinkware 3C-NLLY-JC6C HD Rear-View Camera for F770 Dash Cam


HIGH QUALITY VIDEO RECORDING: This Dash Cam has a 2.19MP camera and 140° viewing angle, which records in full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second. Along with the built-in Advanced Video Clear Technology, this gives you the clearest image possible. This Dash Cam comes equipped with a 16GB MicroSD Card.
RECEIVE SAFETY CAMERA ALERTS: Built-in GPS allows the use of Safety Camera Alerts, which alert you to the presence of Speed Cameras approaching. It also allows you to view your live location alongside the recording when reviewing the footage, using the Thinkware PC Viewer.
THINKWARES ALERTS KEEP YOU AWARE OF POTENTIAL HAZARDS, IMPROVING YOUR SAFETY: Advanced Driver Warning Systems keep you alert to all possible hazards around you to ensure your safety, such as Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and Front Vehicle Departure Warning.
NEVER ACCIDENTALLY OVERWRITE IMPORTANT FOOTAGE: Thinkwares innovative Dual Save Technology ensures that any collisions recorded are automatically saved into the Dash Cams back-up NAND memory, so that there is zero possibility of the footage being accidentally overwritten
ACHIEVE 1000% ENHANCED VISION IN LOW-LIGHT CONDITIONS: Built-in Super Night Vision allows up to 1000% improved visibility in low-light conditions using innovative Image Signal Processing (ISP) Technology

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